The Schravens
March 21, 2014

Finesse Cleaning service has been our cleaning service since 2007. We wanted a weekly cleaning service that we could count on. We are neat people so are picky about how our home is taken care of. Finesse exceeded our expectations with their cleaning ability and attention to detail. They take care of our house as if it is their own. If they notice something needs addressing or fixing they ensure to let us know and offer a solution. If we need particular attention paid to, say the master bath, all I have to do is say it and its taken care of immediately! They've become our friends and we would recommend them and have to our friends and family. They'll definitely be going with us if we ever move! Thank you Finesse Cleaning Service!

Whitney J
February 27, 2014

We've been using Finesse Cleaning Services ever since we moved to Leesburg months ago for all of our residential cleaning. My husband and I both work and so don't have a lot of time for housekeeping duties and maid services. Finesse does a great job tidying up and doing all of the light surface cleaning and vacuuming to heavy duty carpet and tile cleaning and home repairs. We call them for all of our exterior cleaning, power washing and home improvements and they never disappoint. All of the staff are so nice and friendly and we totally trust them in our home. 5 stars!

Mitch B
February 27, 2014

We hold Finesse Cleaning Services in the highest regard. They really do give us a lot more time to ourselves! My wife used to do all of the daily maid services and housekeeping herself and it was really time consuming. Just the daily dusting and surface cleaning, not to mention the carpet and tile and grout floor cleaning. She has a high standard and luckily Finesse meets that! I like the time and effort they save me on home repairs too. I am more than happy to hand over my wife's home improvement and honey do lists. And they also do stuff that we never did ourselves - like power washing, exterior cleaning and window washing. We highly recommend them for all of your residential cleaning needs.

Harrow Family
February 27, 2014

We were looking for a residential house cleaning company that would come to our house on a weekly basis and take care of typical maid services, housekeeping duties and floor cleaning as well as various home repairs as needed. We had already found a local window cleaning company that did all of our window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing and exterior cleaning of our house but we needed some interior green cleaning professionals that would do all of our regular carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, surface cleaning and assorted handyman jobs. Finesse Cleaning Services claimed to do 'home cleaning and then some' and they are true to their word! We sure could have used their move out and move in cleaning services a month ago when we moved to Reston but we didn't know them then. Thanks again Finesse, your new friends the Harrow's.